Hairstyle guide for your long curly hair

Long curly hairLong curly hairHave you noticed that most of the famous female celebrities nowadays have long curly hairstyles? Curly hairstyles are the hottest trend for women with long hair. This is one of the reasons why girls with curly locks are the envy of a lot of other women. In fact, some girls with straight hairs would get a perfect long curly hair especially on special occasions.

Check out some of the hottest curly hairstyles for long hair:

Flirty side bun

Derived from chignon of the 20’s, this hairstyle is best for a casual day or a dramatic evening look. This is done by smoothing back the hair to the nape of the neck and pulled to the side. Once the bun is in place, you insert hair accessories around it.

Pinned up curls

It was during the 60’s when pin up hairstyles started to become popular. This type of hairstyle is still worn today, and is reserved for retro fabulous looks for special occasions.

Messy bun

The classic hair bun is not only for women with straight hair. For females with curly hairs, you can create a “wilder” flavor to your hair with the messy bun hairstyle. This hairdo is not only easy to create, it is also versatile.

French braided updo

If you work in the office, on a date, or attending a special occasion such as prom or wedding, then you should try the French braided hairdo. To create a French braid, you need to pin the braid’s tail into a classy updo so that it will pull the hair off the face and neck.

Unlike having a short straight hair, long curly hairstyles need a lot of time and care to keep them in good shape. Since you need to buy hair products to maintain that natural looking curling hair, you also need to set aside enough monetary resources.

There are so many other things you can do with your long curly hair, but before you try any of these styles, keep in mind that they look best on healthy curls. Use moisturizing cream, and keep your hands off your hair to prevent your curls from frizzing up.