Long hairstyles

Long hairstylesLong hairstylesLong hairstyles are always in trend. In fact, it is still the must-have hairdo of women even with the emergence of fun and chic crop. The good thing is, this year offers new and exciting sets of long hairstyles. Whatever face-shape you have, there’s that one hair trend that will make you a head-turner. Let’s hit on those long hairstyles of new season. Read on!

– Long, blunt layers. This is best for women with thin hair as blunt layers starting at the collarbone will make your hair look thicker. While this is a perfect match for girls with heart and round-shaped faces, hair textures must be considered as well. Long, blunt layers are ideal for wavy and straight tresses but not for tight curls.

– Soft Curls. The good thing about curls is that it suits any face shape. Long hairstyle of curls will emphasize your features and its beautiful waves will bring out the best in your everyday outfit. To achieve a natural look with lustrous curls, use curling irons to create waves in your tresses.

– Long with bangs. Looking chic and sweet is easy with this hairstyle. Just make sure not too cut your bangs too wide to avoid looking dorky. Bangs should have light layers in front with the ends snipped up. The rest of your hair should have few layers as well but don’t cut the mane around your face short.

– Super long cascading hair. This is not a Rapunzel-like hair. When a cascading hair is done in the right way, the result is simply gorgeous. To achieve this, the length of the tresses should be balance with layers that would frame your face. Tell your hairstylists that the layers should start at your cheekbones.

– Angled long hair. If you happen to have a fine hair, this is the trend for you. Angled layers give volume and movement to the tresses thus improving its look. Angled long hair helps shorten oval face, not to mention that it will make your hair look seamless.

– Long shag. This is one of the most flexible and low maintenance hairstyles ever. Long shag is never boring and will highlight your hair’s natural waves. You can improve your shaggy hair by adding bangs and a few layers as well.

How to style a long hair

How do you fix and style a long hair? For some it’s a bit complicated especially during a busy morning. Not a problem though as we round up some easy tips for you!

– One side twist back. Create a deep side part and grab small strands of your tresses from the side with less hair, twist it back and use pins to secure it.

– Mermaid waves. Achieve this by wrapping your mane in sections with a wand iron and use hairspray to get the perfect waves. After a few seconds, loose the curls carefully using your fingers.

– Braid a ponytail. You have to ponytail your hair first before doing a fishtail braid up until the ends of your tresses.

– Keep it natural. If you want to let your hair loose, add life to it by applying mousse from roots to ends. You can also add a few twists and curls to achieve a sexy look.

Make-up for long hair

Here are some make-up ideas when you have long hair:

– Keep it rosy. You don’t have to apply too much. Just dab blush to achieve rosy cheeks and leave the rest bare.

– Define your pout. Your long locks can be perfect with glossy pink lips defined by a lip liner.

– Red lips say it all. Signature red lips can keep you going all day long even without other make-up add-ons.

– Sun-kissed. Long hair plus sun-kissed make-up? You will certainly be a head-turner.
Deal with eye shadow. Bronze eye shadow can pull any look as it gives you sexy and mysterious aura.

– Cat-eye. If you want your eyes to do the talking, sport a cat-eye with gel liner.

Accessories for long hair

Looking for some accessories for your long locks? Consider these options:

– Head scarf. You can use this as hair accessory especially when you have your hair in a bun or ponytail.

– Barrette. A gold barrette looks good in ponytails and braids.

– Bobby pins. These come in different shapes and colors that would help you fix your hair fashionably.

– Halo. This has become a crowd favorite in the past few months. Halo works wonder on both straight and wavy tresses.

Indeed, you can be flexible with a long hairstyle. From make-up to accessories with long beautiful locks, you will certainly get that fashion statement you’ve been aiming for. Stay gorgeous!

Long curly hairstyles

Long curly hairstylesLong curly hairstylesLots of long curly hairstyles have been out this season. If you have naturally curly tresses, then flaunt it. For a fact, many women are getting fashion-conscious and curly up-dos are just some of its proofs.
Nowadays, curly hairstyles have claim its rightful position in the world of fashion. Many women go to salons just to get their hair curled and eventually look very feminine and gorgeous. Once the hair is curled, you are now entitled for a variety of fun twist hairstyling.

Romantic curls

If you enjoy the attention, then let your romantic curls do the job for you. It will lend you not only the appeal, but also the inspiration. With this, all you have to do is get your tresses and precious locks arranged in a cascading manner.

Tight curls in layered haircut

Add some fun and of course, panache to your hairstyle with tight curls. This up-do is appealing because it adds volume to your hair while keeping the ends in perfect shape with a layered haircut. Overall, this will double up the gorgeous impact.

Curled ponytail

A ponytail does not only look appealing to women with naturally straight and silky hair. As a matter of fact, women with curly tresses can also enjoy the essence of fashion infused in a ponytail up-do. Once you get this hairdo done, the ponytail just appear to be lovely and adorable like that of a ponytail in straight hair.

Loose ringlets

If you have perfect straight mane, you can still take pride on the curly hairstyles. Simply give your hair some loose curls and presto, you are up to be glam. These loose ringlets will surely appear bouncy and playful that eventually adds flair to your overall appeal.

Paint it!

You can add flamboyance to your curly tresses by giving it some colors. If you are willing to break the tradition, go from brunette to blonde or the other way around. This means of hairstyling will definitely give yourself a boost.

Make your choice

Whether you have naturally straight or curly tresses, the beauty and appeal of long curly hairstyles will suit you. At this point, all you have to do is get your hair styled and don it with confidence.