Medium hairstyles

Medium hairstylesMedium hairstylesDo you want to learn new medium hairstyles for different occasions? You do not have to go to the salon every now and then just to be fashionable for your dates and business meetings. All you need is find out some simple ways of how to style your hair. Here are some tips on how to accentuate your medium hair without the need for professional help.

These will also help to protect your crowning glory from damages caused by styling.

1. First, you need to wash your hair with shine boosting shampoo for that brilliant look.

2. After shampooing, you should apply conditioner as well to make your hair smooth and easier to manage.

3. To add volume, you should spray volumizer on your hair first before blowing it dry with a round brush.

4. If you want to curl your hair, make sure to apply heat protection serum or any product to avoid any damage.

5. Then, use a medium barrel iron to curl different sections of your hair.

6. In order to keep your style in place, use hairspray or mousse.

Best make-up for Medium hair

If you want to know what make-up styles can go with your medium hairdo, you have to consider some factors. First of all, your make-up must complement not just your hairstyle, but even your facial features, skin tone, and the dress you are going to wear.

1. Earth tones- Wear earth-toned make-up if you are going to a formal dinner where the setting is nature-inspired. Earth toned make-up includes any shades of brown or neutral colors. This is best for soft medium hairdos such as single-braided, semi-curled, or layered updos. These hairstyles, together with the make-up, are good for summer and spring. An earth toned make-up is also perfect if you have auburn, light brown, or ash blonde hair.

2. Dark shades- If you are sporting an edgy, medium hairdo like shaggy, A-line bob, or spiral locks, then better wear dark make-up like black or grey eye shadow, and brown or dark red lipstick. Dark make-up is best for night-outs, autumn days, and formal occasions.

Accessories for Medium Hair

To make your medium hair look greater, you can wear accessories that can complement your style. A tiara can make you appear sophisticated and trendy. This is best for formal occasions like wedding. For casual gatherings or ordinary school days, a headband can do the job.

For summer getaway, a turban can make you look sizzling hot. Of course, it can also keep you cool since your hair cannot make you uncomfortable. If you are wearing straight or wavy hair, large round or dangling earrings will do the job. For curls, thin and long dangling earrings can be good for you. You can wear whatever accessories you like as long as you know how to carry yourself with them.

Medium hairstyles are not plain, but they can be accentuated more with some blings. For every occasion, good make-up and dress choice will also help you look your best with your hairdo.